Sunday, May 18, 2008

Reds Offer Brooms Made With Real Human Hair, Reds Sweep Savages 6-4

Very nice weekend for the Reds, sweeping a previously hot Indians team. We all know that Cliff Lee will straighten things out and get back to where he expects to be, somewhere around a 5.00 ERA, but to start the season he had been pretty, pretty good. Nice to see the Reds lay a beating on him. And how about the Grande Burro? Bombs in four straight, a walkoff yesterday? That average has sky rocketed to .224 and I don't expect that to stop until it hits .245.

Not that the Reds offense is necessarily carrying the team but they have been capable. Phillips has been hitting, Votto hit another bomb, his first of the pinch variety, after getting the day off. Dusty consulted his baseball strategy book from 1965 and got Valentin in there at 1st. A left-handed batter will hit considerably worse against a left-handed pitcher, regardless of how a particular pitcher has fared against lefties in the past. That's why he's the coach. That's my Dusty. And as I stated when he called up, Reds fans can expect Paul Janish to be good for a .205 getting out average. Which is about where he's at hitting .800.

Now onto the pitching staff. Volquez showed Lee who makes the best blueberry crumb cake and also who deserves to have the lowest ERA in the majors. Harang was solid but matched up against Carmona who was selfish with his hittable pitches and Johnny C. had a no-hitter through five before losing interest in effectiveness. All throwers were quite good. The author also notices that the sweep occured after I didn't post anything all weekend, hopefully that's not the key to a Reds sweep (the Marlins didn't count because god's ire wiped out the fourth and final game). We'll assume that a sweep of LA commences tomorrow, regardless of whether I comment.

Get your Dusty Baker managerial jersey and batting gloves set now so that no one calls you bandwagon fan in August. By Dusty's request, all gloves come already smelling like Miller Light. Just like the ones Dusty wears. Reds! Reds! Reds!

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Kirby said...

4 Rick "Wild Thang" Vaughn jerseys in attendence on Saturday (by my count.) Asked each of them for Heidi Fleiss' phone number, to no avail. I was crowded around the TVs with the other degenerate gamblers for the Preakness, but made my way back for the Big Blast. Little old lady in front of me called the shot before Dunn came up to bat- she high fived with the best of em, then asked for a smoke. Saturday was a very Red Rocket day.