Sunday, May 4, 2008

Reds All Wear Hats High Upon Their Heads, Braves 14-7

Long weekend for Reds fans as the team looked universally great, if you enjoy them playing terribly. On the Getty Images site there were plenty of choices for a person seeking pictures of a Reds player looking discouraged in the dugout. I chose Volquez, because, unlike many of the other members of the team, didn't necessarily deserve to lose. He made one mistake to McCann and picked up the loss. That is to be contrasted with Arroyo, who made only mistakes in his start today. I like the argument between Baker and Bronson as to whether the latter is injured:

Dusty: 'You sure you're not injured, I was talking to my friend, member of the Baseball Hall of Fame Hank Aaron, and he said you're pitching like you're hurt. I wasn't really paying attention, so I'm going to have to take his word for it."'
Arroyo: 'Yeah Skip, I'm pretty sure that I'm just shitty. I need to go for swim, have you seen my goggles?'
Josh Fogg: "Hey Dusty, I was swimming with my sandwich and the bread dissolved and now the cheese tastes like chlorine."

The offense continues to take it easy, not worrying too much about getting on base or scoring runs. Though Freel insists on reaching base, which is just another example of how he just doesn't fit in with this group. He got on base three times today and has his average up around .330. Selfish prick, get Patterson in there. Griffey tried the second spot in the lineup with impressive results (0-9 with 4 K's). Dusty's mixing things up, trying to get to know his players. Look for Bako hitting third tomorrow. Just as long as we get to see plenty of Josh Fogg, I'm happy.

So, the team returns home, scalpless, tomorrow. At least the Indians are struggling, maybe I'll be able to use some of the slurs and Indian stereotypes I've been looking forward writing then. Thanks a lot Reds, looks like you guys forgot to eat your maize.


The Last Unitard said...

I wasn't scheduled to be utterly disgusted by this team until mid-June, but I'm already knee deep in bile.

Petey in LA said...

Couldn't they just win enough to let me live the dream of a season of possibilities? Just let me live the dream for at least a month?

Aaron said...

What good is getting on base when you get picked off or thrown out stealing half the time? Freel is apparently still suffering from last season's concussion.