Thursday, May 15, 2008

Janish! Reds 8-7

As predicted, the Jerry Hairston Jr./Paul Janish shortstop combination proved to be just too much for the Marlins. Hairston reached base four times and Janish drove in the game winner in the 10th. Nothing too extraordinary here.

Dusty's strategy to give up 6 runs in the 9th so that David Ross could be tested in a high leverage pinch hitting position paid off. Ross hit for Dunn in the 10th, drew a walk, was pinch run for by Johnny Cueto, who scored the winning run. The strategy here has been generally better regarded then his Sunday strategy of allowing Patterson and Ross to bat out of order. That one didn't pay off.

But as we've learned, Dusty is always one step ahead of us. It was important for Cordero to get this blown save out of the way so that he can get back to being a dominant closer. It's just too bad that the meltdown had to come at the expense of Arroyo, who was pretty impressive again. Late last night you could here an extended guitar solo in a minor key leaking out of the home team club house late into the evening. Sweep today, I've got a picture of a broom all queued up. Reds! Reds! Reds!


Kirby said...

Despite the late-inning Tom Foolery, the Redlegs persevered to pull out the W. Perhaps the clubhouse morale-booster that we needed.

Petey Hendrix said...

Dunn hits like my sister.