Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Reds Offense Explodes, 4 Hits - Still Lose

Usually four base hits is more than enough but when two baserunners get thrown out after getting disoriented in between pitches, that will hurt you. And that's what happened last night. Dr. Z was pretty impressive but there have been lots of "impressive" performances against the Reds offense recently. Jonathan Sanchez? Come on.

Griffey picked up a couple of singles but then tried to steal a base with his legs which are classified as legally amputated. Votto got picked off second base with a couple on and that was more or less it. Harang was good again but a two out, two run single to Ronny Cedeno on a quality pitch even when Cedeno is having a good start to the season, is discouraging. Ronny Cedeno is your free out. Volquez on the hill today as the Reds try to take a series. How about that? Win or more trade talk 1/6th of the way into the season.

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