Thursday, May 22, 2008

Reds Continue to Unpress, Padres 8-2

Harang was cruising along last night, behind a two run first inning bomb from Griffey, until Iguchi singled, Bako showcased his arm strength (Shit, Giles I can throw it from behind homeplate to the center field wall no problem), then Brian Giles rolled one up the middle. It fell apart after that. The offense took a ciesta and Harang was not himself.

Coming home brings back so many memories of a giant child trying to fit in amongst the pretty faces in San Diego. Everyone in San Diego appears to be very fit and image conscious. Harang was 6'6" 250 by the time he was in the 6th grade, so he always felt a little uncomfortable at the beach. "If one more person laughs at my swimming trunks I'm going to rip their arms off and throw them in the ocean for the sharks to eat. Then at least we'll both be unhappy. This is the largest bathing suit they sold at J.C. Penney." But he's grown up into a friendly and well-adjusted giant. So, you don't have to fear him anymore, people of San Diego. Except after a performance like last night. Don't lock eyes with him.

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