Thursday, May 29, 2008

Phil Dumatrait is a Snake in the Grass, Pirates 7-2

Harang wasn't himself tonight, he looked like he didn't have his pre-game glass of human blood or he just pitched 4 innings of relief the other day. He only lasted 4 and was beaten by (gasp!) Phil Dumatrait. Last year in attractive red trimmed uniform, Dumatrait couldn't get out a double amputee with glass eyes and a learning disability. That's no exaggeration for those of you who missed the Make a Wish Game at the end of last season(the deaf-mute with MS doubled off the wall in left). But looks like he's straightened things out, good for you asshole.

The loss tonight drops Harango's record to 2-7, which is pretty ugly, with an ERA under 4.00. Fortunately, the Foggster has be re-inserted into the rotation to straighten things out.

The offense cooled off considerably, even without Griffey in the lineup. Maybe the rest of the guys rely upon that 0 for 3 with a walk more than they know. Bruce got his first opportunity to hit in the three hole and got his first opportunity to go hitless. Phillips went yard in the 9th and Encarnacion got another day off, this time in favor of Andy Phillips, whose debut was impressive. The Reds Rocket feels that, as always, the best way to break out of a slump is to be held out of the lineup often, based upon little or no reason. Dusty is nothing if not a great strategist. Eddie will just have to wait, it's Andy Phillips time.

Braves arrive tomorrow, pre-scalped. They know what's in store after their jokes and jokes and jokes in Atlanta. Spaghetti.

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