Sunday, June 15, 2008

Bailey Requests Demotion, Red Sox 9-0

The Reds fooled the believers on Friday night as Harang dominated the Sox lineup on the way to his big third win of the season. Hey, without Ortiz and Manny taking some time off to rest his weave this lineup isn't anything extraordinary. Right?

After Eddie's heroics on Saturday, Dusty provided me with a rare opportunity to agree with Thom Brennaman. What Mike Lincoln was doing in the game in the 10th, with and Papelbon and Okajima already spent, against the reigning world champions was a secret to be shared between Dusty and Richard "Call me Dick" Pole. And just to make us all feel validated, he gave up back to back bombs to Youkalis and Coco Crisp in the 10th. Just keep Cordero and the $45 million arm down there in the pen. Crisp's performance this weekend was impressive. He's a 30 home run 100 RBI guy, right? Not just a weak-hitting, strong defense (think Juan Castro) center fielder. So, we can't feel too bad about what he did to Reds pitching.

Bailey looked solid again today. No strikeouts, three bombs on only four hits allowed. Tough break kid, maybe you get some blood work see where your iron level is at. That velocity is troubling and this website is nothing if it isn't a strong evaluator of pitching talent. Fortnately, the team gets to deal with the Dodgers on Tuesday and there performance of late is best described as "shitty ass". Time to turn this home stand around.

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