Saturday, June 21, 2008

Meet My Brother Daryl and My Other Brother Daryl

Since we've gotten to see a fair amount of Billy Bray and, the uncharacteristically reliable Gary Majewski, Daryl Thompson's call and start today will mark the third pitcher from the Lopez/Kearns trade to join the club. And though they all started the season in AAA, Krivsky probably pretty happy with himself, or will be when someone from writes an article asking us to reconsider the trade. That's probably what the Mets front office was waiting for before offering him that new position as Minaya's sidekick and punchline for his jokes. You have to start somewhere Krivsky.

He's put up good numbers at both Chattanooga and Louisville, a combined 6-2 with a 2.22 ERA over 14 starts. Strikeouts are good (78K's in 89IP) and he's only walked 14. His new pal Edinson gave him some advice on dominating New York hitters, throw it down the middle to everyone besides Alex Rodriguez. And try and get matched up against Mussina (even if he has 10 wins, which is simply unbelievable) or some guy named Dan Giese (Hey Guy, what do I have to do to put you in this Buike LaSabre today?). Looks like things are in his favor as his matchup today is against Dan Giese. So, big things are expected. Welcome Daryl.

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