Sunday, June 8, 2008

Harang Pitches Like An Average-Sized Man, Fish 9-2

Cordero was once again foiled by his arch-nemesis Cody Ross on Saturday, allowing the Marlins to take the second game of the series, and today Harang simply did not pitch very well.

Harry Ang wasn't himself. He gave himself a one run lead with an RBI single in the 2nd but gave the Fish 8. He gave up two bombs to Hanley Ramirez, which isn't so bad until you recall that the first one came after he allowed a hit to Jacque Jones who was pinch outing (as opposed to hitting). Jacque Jones hadn't reached base this year in 112 at bats.

After the Friday night singles outpouring, the offense slowed today. Griffey started but the only center fielder who went deep for the Reds was Corey Patterson. Last game of the year with the Marlins tomorrow with Volquez on the hill. You can put a lock on a series split.

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Anonymous said...

"Pitch outing"..............I like it!