Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Volquez Has Used One Word To Describe Himself Since He Got To Cincinnati, What Was It? Reds 2-0

That one word, of course, is professional. My main man Edinson turned in another gem tonight to foil the offense's plan to give him his third loss on the season. Fortunately Joey Votto sold out the rest of the hitters and knocked in the winning margin with a couple of doubles.

Volquez and Brett Myers (powered on anger generated by his girlfriend's pre-game sass talk, You will not talk to me using that tone!) locked into a pitcher's duel. Myers didn't even allow a hit until the 7th when Votto drove in the Reds' first run on a double to left. He added another RBI double in the 9th and Bray and Cordero sent the Philadelphia fans home without even getting an opportunity to throw their celebratory batteries at the players. It's tradition.

Tomorrow, the Homer Bailey 2008 "Hey, I'm Coachable Now" Tour kicks off. He's been seeing a psychiatrist and a public relations expert and by all accounts, has made some good progress. Through subtle changes like addressing members of the media by their real names not "that cheese dick in the back" and replacing the phrase "fuck you Dick Pole" with "that is a valid suggestion which I will attempt to implement" he seeks to reestablish himself as a player who is both approachable and eager to learn the game of baseball. Never been much question regarding his stuff, which he shows to the Phillies and Pretty Boy Cole tomorrow. Reds! Reds! Reds!

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