Thursday, June 5, 2008

Homer Bailey Will Now Write Some Poetry To Express Himself, Phillies Take Series, Win Today 5-0

Hamels just loves facing the Reds. Another complete game shutout, his second in three starts against Cincinnati over the last two years. At least the summer with the Phillies is over. Griffey got back in the lineup, which was fortunate because otherwise they'd only have had 2 hits. That would have been embarrassing.

Homeboy wasn't bad, especially if you disfavor the strikeout, in his first big league start of the year. The first two runs scored when, twice, epileptics dropped the third out on a fly ball. Looks like a team trip to the opthamalogist is in order tomorrow in Florida. If I was to pick one state where the best cataracts doctors in the country would reside, Florida is my guess. Maybe Junior Griffey can go look at a condominium and get fitted with a monocle at the same time. Homer did give up a home run to Geoff Jenkins, which is not a good sign, but I, being the expert that I am, would assume he pitched well enough to get another chance in five days. Just strike out a couple guys next time.

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