Friday, June 27, 2008

Hory Kow, Reds Lose 7-1

The author needs apologize for the lack of attention which has been granted to the Reds Rocket of late. I, and of course my multi-ethnic group of friends pictured to the right, are in the process of a move. An actual physical move, not a internet adjustment, as the picture may indicate. Nothing makes me smile like carrying around a large moving box.

One positive from actually being busy, is that I have been unable to dedicate the usual amount of time to watching the Reds play. I did notice a win on Wednesday, after Harang gave back a 5-0 lead and then Volquez turned charlatan last night and got knocked around the Blue Jays, who prominently feature Marco Scutaro in the lineup. He was the last consistently reliable member of the pitching staff.

The move will be completed some time early next week, then things will be back to normal. By then I suspect the Reds will be back on one of their 6-game winning streaks, with the stop in Cleveland impending.

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Captain Ron said...

During this move is the author's personal blimp going to be hovering over a peculiarly large number of highway rest stops?