Thursday, June 12, 2008

Reds Play Better, Dusty Treats Team To Ice Cream Sundaes, Reds 6-2

It is probably pretty apparent, the author loves solid outings by Arroyo. You just type in his name on Google Images and you get about 7 glamour shots, 4 of him with a guitar, and the last one of him in uniform. There was even one today of him Photoshopped into the movie poster from the box office smash, Rockstar with Marky Mark. His face just looks good in front of a camera.

He picked up the first hit of the ballgame, then put the second run on the board with his first bomb of the season. And he pitched a nice ballgame today before Affeldt and Encarnacion worked together to screw him out of a win, simultaneously depriving me of the pleasure of a Joel Pineiro loss. After 4 innings of the offense looking completely overmatched against, at best, a AA arm, I figure they owed it to me. But thanks to those two assholes, Mark Worrell, who I could give a shit one way or the other about, gets stuck with the loss and Pineiro skates away with a no-decision. It is nice to see Burton pick up a win as a reward for simply not being David Weathers.

Phillips put the game away with a triple in the 7th. He's trying to see how far he can walk down the first base line and still leg out three bags. He made it about half way tonight, admiring what he thought was a foul ball. Nice job out there B. Phill. Red Sox in tomorrow, not necessarily my choice as an interleague opponent but those three wins sure will feel good. Reds! Reds! Reds!

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