Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Reds Misread Instructions on how to Operate Bats, Dodgers 6-1

Looking at the pitching probables, we were promised a Kuroda today. Well, Derek Lowe showed up, cheated on his wife with a local tv personality, and pitched well enough for five innings to give the Reds Rocker another loss. Though the fact that Juan Pierre picked up two more hits and drove in two is more troubling. That hurts. The Reds Rocket is pretty sure that it's fastball could induce a popup to short from John Peter.

Final game of the series tomorrow before heading to Toronto via New York. The Jankees are playing good ball and Toronto has both Jesse Barfield and Rance Mullinicks doing color up in the box. That has to be some sort of advantage. So, it would be nice if Big Ugly could get things headed in a positive direction tomorrow. The Dodgers were not playing baseball very well before their stop in Cincinnati, so maybe the Reds need teams that are playing well. Look out New York. Nice to see Encarnacion at least giving hitting a try out there and welcome back Norris Hopper. How's that throwing arm? Hopefully it feels well enough to chop balls to the infield and drag some bunts. The author isn't necessarily opposed to Votto at the top of the lineup but the speed, or lack thereof, may be troubling to Skip. I'll have to see him run a couple of windsprints or at least a shuttle run before I make any decisions.

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