Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Just Give the Boy Some Runs, Reds 5-4

Encarnacion getting hot seems almost always to coincide with the rest of the team going ice cold. Like the proper serving of gazpacho. Eddie homered and tripled but no one else did anything. That's what you get when you are constantly putting people down, sure his good natured ribbing makes him feel good for a little while but all the road losses are hard to deal with.

Harang lost his MLB leading 8th game tonight, tough break for the big guy. He pitched well enough to win if you've got a reliable offense but also got bailed out by new pal Danny Herrera. It's rare that the bullpen doesn't punish you for leaving runners on the basepaths. Pat that Bat didn't know what to do with a 83 mph Screwy Louie. I don't suspect that many major league hitters will. Looks like he will be a nice addition to the bullpen. Now if someone on the offense would get some hits. Oh wait, Brett Myers tomorrow, no problem. Reds can still split the series, though the get-away day lineup awaits fans on Thursday. Ross finally gets that start in centerfield.

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