Monday, June 30, 2008

I Like This Team Better, Reds 4-3

After the Cincinnati Pale Faces took two of three from the Savages in Cleveland, they continued beating teams that they probably should beat, with a late win tonight against Pittsburgh. Way to go gang. I am officially retracting what I said about Hairston, Jr. prior to the season. He helps the team and probably doesn't even have syphilis. Sorry Jerry.

Griffey didn't start, so he wouldn't have to embarrass himself against Pat Maholm. That guy's dominant. But fortunately, Matt Capps is not dominant but eminently hittable and, after Ragweed ripped a two-bagger (Shit, that ball's smoked!), Griffey ended the game with a two-run bomb. D-A-R-Y-L was even given the opportunity to score his first major league run. He can be Dusty's pinch runner any time.

And nice to see the return of Aaron Harang, as opposed to the his twin brother or the hypnotized/witch doctor cursed version we'd seen for the last 6 starts. Three RBIs by Tony DeLoage is disappointing, but the 7 IP with only 3 runs looks more like the line to which we've grown accustomed. Reds! Reds! Reds!

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