Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Javy, I've Got a Secret (I can't get anyone out), Pirates Win?

After behaving like a team that is managed by the great Dusty Baker for a few days, the team fell back into the old trap of leaving runners on base and failing to get a hit which will bring a runner to home plate with fewer than two outs. It all started in the first, Griffey, you're telling me that you can't hit a fly ball anywhere to the outfield on a 3-1 pitch from Zach Duke? Jerry Hairston's playing his heart out here, and we all know he's got a learning disability. You know how hard it is for him to remember to run the bases counterclockwise? Mark Berry has to remind him that there is an ice cream cake in the clubhouse, should he score a run. That's good coaching.

Volquez turned in his second consecutive weak start, not making it out of the 6th (against the Pirates). The author is hoping that this isn't a rerun of Arroyo 2006, 9 wins by the break, 14 for the season, 11 consecutive starts without a win? Edinson may not sell out tents at the fair with his cover of With Arms Wide Open but the author remains confident that his early success wasn't just an unfamiliar league. Also, David Weathers should not pitch in any game where the Reds are up or down by 4 runs.

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