Saturday, July 5, 2008

Phillips Eats Green Berets for Breakfast and Right Now He's Very Hungry, Reds 3-2

The author knows that when you read the pitching probables today and saw that Harang was getting a couple extra days rest in favor of the recently recalled Josh Foggerino your reaction wasn't "Fuck, Josh Fogg? I'd rather have typhoid" but rather, "Fogg? I've seen some good things from him at Louisville. Now he's getting out nearly one third of the batters he faces." And that was the appropriate reaction. Foggster went six innings and allowed just a single run. Of course that run was driven in by the pitcher but Fogg is takin' what they're givin 'cause he's workin' for a livin'. Looks like we're going to see part two of the Josh Fogg experiement in about 6 days which will, of course, be followed by his unconditional release.

Bruce made a nice catch in center, teaching Kearns to turn National, and the offense knocked out 13 hits against, really, a team that is only going to win about half their games at AAA. Elijiah Dukes aggravated a previous self-inflicted knife wound to the knee (You think you bad, bitch? I'll beat you dead with only one patella), so it just got a little worse. Still, the game was close and the El Guapo couldn't close things out in the 9th. Fortunately, teams seem to overlook the fact that Griffey is hitting a shade over .240 (thanks to the two hits today) and B. Phill is hitting everything he sees. Fine with me, increases Junior's OBP and Phillips gets to add some more stats to arbitration case. Nice win, sweep tomorrow with Thomas Edinson standing on the rounded dirt. Reds! Reds! Reds!

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