Sunday, July 20, 2008

Volquez And Fogg Switch Bodies After Gypsy Curse, Hilarity Ensues

On Saturday, the Foggster picked up his second win of the season and got that ERA down to the low 7's and then Sunday Volquez only lasted 5 and gave up 5. Wha' happened? Sure, the Foggerino's been hot, which means lasting at least 3 innings per start but you, or I anyway, think that if he can shut down an offense surely our pal Edinson can do the same. I will give you a list of excuses from which to choose: 1) his rest was screwed up because of the All-Star weekend 2) he's seen Batman 28 times since Friday night 3) he's afraid that "human corpse" he hit with his Bentley last night may have still been moving, or perhaps walking upright and carrying a bag of groceries. I like the last option. You just never can tell with those people always either lying dead on the side of the road or living until you run them over with your car.

The offense was still above average the last two days, lots of late runs on Saturday followed by 5 today. Donkey looks like he really wants that full service car wash he's been promised for every bomb that he hits. He's got Homerun Fever, which is a very cool term that I plan on using often. As stated previously, lots of games with shitty opponents coming up. And Dusty Baker-managed teams don't lose to shitty opponents unless you count his time with the Giants, Cubs and Reds, during the first half, at least.

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