Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Hi I'm Chris Rose and I'm a Gigantic Tool

As much as all of the hoopla and tearful remembrances of Yankee Stadium bring me to the verge of aneurysm, the All-Star Game makes for at least an interesting watch. Joe Buck's on the mic and my homeboy Tim McCarver came through with a gang of Tangueray. Hey look, there are some assholes from GM. Nice work you guys putting together this parade. I just wish I was there so I could get loaded and take part in some sort of Red Sox chant and watch the all time greats ride around in the back of the brand new and improved Chevy Silverado. Chevrolet: An American Revolution

The Reds were, surprisingly, poorly represented at the festivities joining teams like the Giants and Nationals with just the one representative. Fogg and Patterson are just going to have to understand that strong performances are often overlooked when they take place in a smaller market. The one rep, Volquez, should be getting the start today. He's not only made more starts than Sheets but his numbers are universally better. But, I'm unaware of the circumstances involving the decision, especially on short rest. So I'm probably okay with it. Sure it sucks that the lord above, in his infinite wisdom, chose to relocate Hamilton to Texas, but Volquez has been great. Keep it up kid, don't let anyone convince you to bend the bill of your hat.

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Petey Hendrix said...

I heard that Volquez is not starting because his last outing went a full 7 innings. While it IS his day to throw, he wouldn't likely pitch more than a single inning, so that affected him getting the starting nod. While he probably lacks an All-Star bonus clause in his contract, I'm told that his new All-Star status will garner him extensively more ass in the Dominican Republic after the season is over. So he's got that going for him. Which is nice.