Saturday, July 19, 2008

Mr. Redlegs Engages in Fisticuffs with Mets

Old reliable Coco let everyone down on Thursday, handing the Metropolitans the win in the 9th with an unbelievably poor performance. 6 hits in one-third of an inning? Looks like the All-Star Break training regiment of huffing gasoline and refinishing his parents' basement really paid off. At least he locked things down yesterday.

Even after the Thursday night implosion, the author remains optimistic. Arroyo continued his four game effective stretch and more importantly, the offense, which was spotty for much of the first half, chased Santana after 4+ and did the same to Maine last night. Both are above average major league starters, Santana, even with the "disappointing" 8-7 record, is probably the best and the Reds beat them around. And with the upcoming schedule, after two more with the Mets, featuring two traveling shit heaps from the NL West coming to town, looks like the Reds' time is finally at hand. Dusty has wisely been biding his time.

Today's game features my favorite Reds starter, the Foggster!, who, from this date forward, will have his typed name followed by an exclamation point, and my least favorite player in all of baseball, Oliver Perez. So, we'll chalk this one up in the win column, it's not like the Reds are going to struggle with Perez or Fogg! is going to be ineffective. And even bigger news, with Burton's injury, Big Frucking Nasty is back in Cincinnati. Nice to see the handsome gentleman again.


Anonymous said...

why does mr. redleg have headgear and mr. met only a black eye?

Tim Timmons said...

mr. met also has blood coming from his mouth, which is from the teeth lost during the fight. i'll find some more brightly colored blood next time.

Aaron said...

I would have figured Mr. Met to me more of a Cuban or Puerto Rican fighter rather than black