Sunday, July 13, 2008

Bailey Gives Pitching Effectively a Try But Reds Lose, Brewers 3-2

The author tuned in a little late to the game today, late enough to miss the Reds runs and the Sabathia bomb. Prince and C.C. could team up to create a moderately successful tag-team duo. They would probably be bad guys and would have to rely upon a gimmick. Maybe they could be from France and put down the U.S.A. 'You and your country make us turn up our noses in disgust. Americans are very weak.' Boooo! Go back to France you frog eating bastards.

Nice start from Bailey today. He managed to strike out four batters and really should only have been charged with the one run. Bill Bray needs to retire Gabe Kapler, always. Maybe every time that Kapler succeeds against a Reds pitcher they can be exiled to Japan, like Kapler. That would teach Billy for his tomfoolery.

The offense was quiet, but that was expected off of C.C. He's as good as he is fat. And Hairston went down again, which is bad news. With him and Keppinger at the top of the order, the OBP of the team goes through the roof and then when the middle of the order feels like it, they can drive them in. So, we reach the All Star Break. One Red, Volquez, and the rest of the gang gets to take a few days off to go out on their yachts (Griffey) or eat at Red Lobster (everyone else). The author isn't sure what kind of mid-season report is warranted but I'll think it over and get back to you tomorrow. 46-50 isn't so bad considering some of those stretches during the first half.

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Aaron said...

They eat frogs in the south... in France its snails.