Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Volquez Sharp, J.D. Drew Asshole

Okay, maybe he wasn't all that sharp but Dioner Navarro sure looked overmatched and he's not Jason Varitek. But he floated a 2-0 fastball to Morneau and Drew took him out to right to tie the game at 2, prior to going on for another couple hours. The pitch to J.D. wasn't terrible and didn't look like it was getting out but did, so, I guess who cares what it looked like. The author did enjoy McCarver's discussion of the 'pitch of the islands' during Volquez's stint on the mound. In between innings Joe Buck told everybody about the 'itch from the islands' he got on his last trip to the Caribbean. Joe Buck knows how to party.

In allowing the bomb, Volquez put himself in position to pick up the win for the National League. That is until B. Wag entered and exited with the game tied at 3. Nice job Billy, I'll direct all the reporters to your locker. The remainder of the team continued their well-deserved rest. Take it easy boys, especially you Corey Patterson. Rest up, Dusty will need you for the second half run.


DevilsAdvocate said...

"J.D. Drew Asshole"

Nothing new there. Never forgave him for screwing over the Phillies...and then the Dodgers.

Captain Ron said...

From what I hear JD Drew has screwed quite a few major league teams.