Saturday, July 26, 2008

Reds Offense Competitive in Games With Rockies

The woman pictured to the left was supposedly enjoying the Rocky Mountains much like I have enjoyed the Reds' play against the Rockies the last two days. That explains the St. Bernard. Nice work you bunch of crumb bums. Now I have to listen to baseball analysts, like Testes Destrade, talk about what an exciting second half this is going to be for Rockies fans. They are 12 games under .500 and therefore unlikely to make the playoffs. It will only be exciting if you think a 15 game deficit in September is fun. They've just got all the tools.

But you can't tell that to the Reds. Volquez's gangrenous right arm continues to worsen, he left after 4+ yesterday. And Bailey, 15 hits in less than 5 innings? That is a fantastically awful performance. Sure Griffey didn't risk a torn ligament hustling for fly balls out there in right but he told you that before the game and he hit a bomb off the devistating Jorge de la Rosa to knot the game at 1. He's helping Bruce to learn centerfield by allowing him to be in charge of both center and right. It should pay off in the long run. Bruce did have two assists tonight.

Last game with the Rocks tomorrow before the big trip to Houston followed by some quality opponents after that. At least Dusty seems to prefer to play the winners, how else can a 2-3 record against the NL West be explained? It cannot. So, expect a win in convincing fashion.

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