Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Cubs Are Awesome, I'm Joking - Cubs 7-3

The author remains optimistic that the Reds will leave Wrigleyville with a winning records, despite the performance today. It was a two-pronged disappointment, Harang all over the place and a Ryan Dempster victory. Dempster can celebrate both the victory and his election to the NL All-Star Team with Chris Capuano because that's the type of second half he can look forward to. Capuano own the copyrights to the 10-3 start followed with a strong 2-10 down the stretch. Dempster's got that sort of talent.

The offense was quiet, with the exception of the 4th which was just a big tease. Like Mr. Red pictured to the left, the offense has the Cubs right where they want them. With his official retirement in favor of Mr. Redlegs and his distinguished moustache, Mr. Red has had some time to refine himself in the kitchen. How's does bear steak with deep fried bear fritters sound? Sounds great to me. Reds tomorrow.

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