Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Look Guys I've Got a Glove on My Head, Reds 4-3 in Extras

The author took a day off yesterday, not that they are particularly uncommon, but this time it was not due to laziness or a CSI marathon on Spike (those guys are sharp and cool, at the same time) but disappointment. Coco went coo-coo again, surrending three runs in the 9th to the Padres, who, as stated many, many times previously, eat shit. This was after Griffey broke his annual fast and contributed. This was also after Homeboy took the time to pitch into the 7th, registering his first quality start of the season. "Listen Pole, those skanks behind the dugout aren't going to wait around for seven innings for me to get to the club." Hopefully he still blasted the coaches when they suggested he run a few windsprints after the game. You've got to lock games like that down Coco.

But the team bounced back today against Peavy. Cueto struck out 10 over 6 but still left down 3-0, at which point I decided to start supporting a new team, but Bako dribbled a single up the middle and Votto pinch-checked in the tying run. Yeah Reds! Then several innings of solid relief work was concluded when Keppinger picked up the Reds' first extra-base hit and finally ended things. Majewski struck out two batters in the 11th and got the win. That makes him 1-24 as a Red. Nice job by the Polish Nightmare. He has ascended the list of Reds to be first administered the debilitating testicular disease the Reds Rocket germ laboratory has been feverishly developing. Win the series tomorrow and all threats, idle or otherwise, will be rescinded. Reds! Reds! Reds!

Bad news from the Reds official site, Foggster's down! Hit by a pitch during batting practice when he wandered in front of one of the batting tees. 'Hey has anyone seen my other sock? Do you think I can just wrap this towel around my foot like this.....Yow!'

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