Saturday, July 12, 2008

Brewers Love Reds Victories, Reds 8-2

The author apologizes for the absence, the blimp has had some technical issues. A 15 mph breeze may not seem like a big deal to most people. Fortunately, the fine people at Linksys tech support were nice enough to be of no assistance in resolving the issue. I suppose that if I lived in India and had a doctorate in thermodynamics I wouldn't be very interested in helping dipshits configure their parents' wireless network. 'You're going to have to speak about half that speed and stop assuming that I am not an idiot.'

Regardless of my inability to access the internet, my eye remained keenly trained on the Reds' three game winning streak, or at least the box scores the next day. That last one in Chicago was pretty sweet, the delicate Ted Lilly got lit up. It was nice to see the media's full coverage of a major league first, two 7 home run games in onee season. Oh wait, it was buried under Moises Alou's tenth injury of the season.

And the trip to Mil-a-wau-kay has also begun well. The Foggster was his usual dominating self, yesterday, before the bullpen faltered and the offense, or more accurately, the Brewers' defense, showed some heart. They just weren't going to allow themselves to win the game. Nice play in center Mike Cameron. I think someone behind the plate had access to a strobe light which activated his epilepsy. Where's Gabe Gross when you need him. Today's performance was even sweeter. Volquez dominated, Donkey was hitting bombs, and Gagne continued his mastery of not getting outs. Hairston reached base 5 times, with 4 hits and David Weathers even added a scoreless inning before the game got out of hand. Looks like it's Skyline Time, I'll take the human feces covered with some chili and cheddar cheese. Sweep is impending, Homeboy versus C.C. No doubt about it. Reds! Reds! Reds!

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Aaron said...

Hmmm.. your the first person I know of who has taken a pot shot at Skyline Chili. Shame on you!