Thursday, June 19, 2008

Reds Continue Vacation From Playing Well, Dodger 7-4

With the exception of the 7th, the offense was pretty poor. It doesn't help when Harang is off again and gives up 5 in 5 to the Dodgers lineup which features not only Juan Pierre but Angel Berroa. After today, the latter's average is up to .194. The Royals are calling and would like to sign him to a four-year deal then trade him and continue to pay his salary.

New start tomorrow against the American League. Griffey should be back in the lineup, as his tuberculosis only prevents him from playing defense. However, the next week or so is not one which I would be reaching into his bag of sunflower seeds. B. Phill has been swinging a little better bat after letting his average dip below .260 and Hopper at the top of the order seems to work a little better than Patterson, for whatever reason. At any rate, can't play much worse than this, so tomorrow will at least be a partial improvement.

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The Last Unitard said...

This team makes me want to blow chunks. Big ones. Think large curd cottage cheese.

I don't get it. I thought guys were supposed to want to play well for Dusty, even if they have no team, city, or personal pride.

Buncha stinkin bums.