Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Cueto Good but Billingsly Too Fat for Offense, Dodgers 3-1

Johnny C. led an invigorating calistenics routine before taking the mound and throwing the ball quite nicely. He's doing his part to help members of the Reds Nation work off some of that Skyline. My favorite's the Chili 'n Balls, made with real pig balls. Seven innings with just a couple of runs allowed on five hits and a he gets the loss? He approached Harang after the game to discuss the difficult loss. Harang punched him in the gut and threw him down a flight of stairs. 'Come and talk to me when you're 3-9 with 10 quality starts out of 16 total. Asshole rookie.'

Fortunately, I can save time writing recaps of the offensive performance by just cutting and pasting from just about every game this month. Team hit bad, many strikeouts, Corey Patterson garbage, Griffey unable to get the big hit. But they'll figure it out, Dusty's working overtime. He's been sleeping with his toothpick in and batting gloves on for the last week and a half. It's all going to be worth it, things are starting to move, the wheels are turning. They've got the next two, no problem. I'd hate to have the last name Kuroda, well, always, but especially tomorrow.


James C. said...

The name Kuroda in Japanese means black rice field, which is a stupid name because everyone knows rice is white.

Anonymous said...

do pigs have balls?