Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Weird Faces Are Not Enough to Scare Small Red Birds, Cards 7-2

Start two for Homer Bailey was a little lower on the Reds Rocket approval meter than number one. He didn't make any errors this time but only lasted 3 2/3, gave up two bombs and was working with a fastball consistently in the 90-91 range. The gamecast on MLB.com actually classified 75 percent of the pitches as change-ups. So, maybe he wasn't even showcasing the fastball today. The author seems to recall a heater in the mid-90's last season with a curveball labeled as plus. That must have been someone else. Dick Pole said something about his haircut before the start. "Homer Bailey doesn't throw strikes when his pitching coach is acting like an asshole." Nice job Dick.
The offense was also pretty dull tonight. Encarnacion did pick up three hits, looks like he may be in his manic run again, and Votto went deep but not much else. I actually found myself missing Jerry Hairston Jr., and his many rumored venereal diseases, a little bit each time the top of the order rolled around. Turns out the label of the new-Neifi Perez may have been a little premature. He's going to take a little vacation due to that injured opposible digit and we'll see him in about two weeks. Medium-sized Donkey can probably hold things down in the interim. The offense fires things up tomorrow and Reds fans will be much happier.

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