Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Bring Me The Usual, 15 Miller Lights Coming Up Mr. Weathers, Brewers 4-3

The author tuned into the game late today, just in time to see the lead the Reds carved out against Sabathia erased by Stormy. We know what that means, double fudge ice cream sundae, fried, then served in a 70 proof bourbon sauce. Enjoy yourself tonight, there are only a few leads left to blow this season. Have to take advantage of the opportunities when they present themselves.

Hairston Jr. provided the offense today, taking a Sabathia pitch into the left field seats. And Bronson Arroyo, what can we say about the boy of late other than lights out. He went 7, allowed only two unearned runs and left with his 15th win well within reach. For the majority of the second half, he has been, with all Reds bias tempered accordingly, one of the better pitchers in the National League. Maybe he should be allowed to slander/mention things he heard Dunn say in the locker room and occasionally spout off about what management needs to do to create a contending ball club. I am fairly certain he knows at least as much as Bill Bavasi when it comes to winning ballgames. When he was in Boston, the majority of the post-game concerts with Epstein were along those lines. The songcraft that went into all those alterative rock hits about the business of baseball was amazing.

Day off tomorrow while the team makes the trip to the desert. I have volunteered to show them some very nice cacti.

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