Sunday, September 28, 2008

Reds, Ricardo Montalban and Herve Villechaize Bid You Fond Adieu, Cardinals Sneak By 11-4

The Reds reminded us what the 2008 season was all about with three consecutive suck ass games in St. Louis. Nice job boys, way to finish things off strong. Arroyo and Harang were exhausted after a long season of not living up to expectations and both turned in sub par starts. Putting the absent offense into holes both Friday and Saturday. And today Pettyjohn was horrible. At least he has a human interest story featuring a debilitating disease to show for himself. What's your excuse Majewski? That goatee better be eating away the flesh underneath or the Reds Rocket is making no excuses for you.

Today, Votto and Encarnacion went deep, giving them 26 and 24, respectively, for the year. Not too bad considering the ages of those two fine fellows. But without a little baseball going on, picturing the positive future the Reds have in front of them isn't quite the same. Though it may give you Cincinnatians a break from thinking about the Bengals, which is something nobody should have to do.

For the playoffs, the Reds Rocket was a little pleased to see the Brewers slime in the back door. Makes the Central look good, two teams in the playoffs. Though the Cubs will soon be sitting home, complaining. And that is something everyone can enjoy. I'll be back soon to sign things off for the season. Maybe I'll try to keep the site active during the Reds' offeseason this year, but since I have no particular insight or connection to anyone with said insight, the posts get a little boring and, likely, redundant. 'Nothing new today, Reds are still sweet.' Nice season Reds.


The Last Unitard said...

That was the most season ever.

I think I've become so numb to this team's shittitude that I don't even want to hurt myself anymore. Not as much, anyway.

Thanks for making it somewhat bearable again.

Petey Hendrix said...

Thanks for a great season...just not between the lines.

Aaron said...

I think your readership might be up to sixteen or seventeen individuals now... that is a good step up from the 3 or 4 you had heading into this season. Keep up the great work and be sure to fill us in on your impression of the blockbuster offseason moves.

Anonymous said...

Any off-season updates?