Tuesday, September 9, 2008

The Reds Will Ruin Your Season Out of Spite

The Reds, as The Reds Rocket will finally concede, have little for which to play for the remainder of the season. It gives the young guys a chance to get some big league action to see what holes the thinktank will have to address during the offseason. But, fortunately, they seem to be unaware of this fact. Two series with contenders, two series victories. I assume that Sabathia will eat his 15 pre-game hamburgers and dominate the offense tomorrow but if he doesn't last 9 - game over, Reds sweep.

Ramon Ramirez was solid again. He showed some weakness in the first before settling in and lasting six and exiting with only one hit allowed. I know my favorite nerds aren't enamored with his arm but he has looked pretty sharp. He appears to have locked up the fifth starter role for the remainder of the season. So, we'll get the chance to see if the league catches up to that 89 mph fastball. The picture above is new arrival Jon Adkins. He has middle of the road stuff which has allowed him to bounce around the league but tonight he was the beneficiary of a poor outing by main man Burton. One third of an inning, one win for the season. I look forward to your next third of an inning, which of course, will result in another victory.

The offense was not too bad tonight against Suppan, who for some reason, gives the Reds the fits. He confuses them with all of his fancy talk. Encarnacion sandwiched a two-run bomb around a couple of nice-looking errors. There was nothing routine about that pop up to third. Bruce followed up Eddie's bomb with one of his own. Then Phillips grew weary of the lengthy game and shut things down in the 11th. This was after his technique of bunting the ball with exposed fingers backfired, breaking one of his digits. He needs those fungers to show off the many impressive rings he has accumulated since coming to Cincinnati. "Shit man, how am I supposed to point out the snitches with this big ol' brace on my hand? Fuck." Looks like it might be Danny Richar time at the five position. Assuming he didn't lose his passport picking up his first hit today. Zing, Danny you know we're kidding. You're alright. Reds! Reds! Reds!


The Last Unitard said...

(clears throat)

Umm.. I hate to be a baseball positional numerology nazi, but whoever replaces BP will be in the.. err.. four position. Rather than five, I mean.

Tim Timmons said...

shit, you're right unitard. i was just making sure that you're still reading.