Monday, September 22, 2008

Reds Are Dirty Talkers and Fancy Walkers, Reds 7-5

The game began poorly, Harang giving up 4 runs in the first three innings before simmering down and placing a guillotine headlock on the Fish offense. His 7 innings gave the offense time to catch up against Nolasco. Votto hit a bomb, then the team went buckwild in 7th, dropping 6. There was some bad Marlin defense but a couple of clutch hits. Andy Phillips came off the bench with another late inning hit. Votto's RBI double gave them the lead and Phillips gave them a Cordero-resistant cushion with a two-run single. Big win in front of the 27 people at the GABP. Skyline all around.

With the recent hot streak, the Reds are looking more and more like a real ballclub. One that doesn't guarantee you will be furious if you bother to tune in. And, while we're at it, let's take a little time to show some respect for what Corey Patterson is putting together this year. I am borrowing this information verbatim from a comment from Mike on the Redleg Nation game-time comment log. Mike appears to be pretty sharp and much more willing to research things than certain blog contributors. So, if you have any questions in the future, I'll run them by Mike first.

All these seasons have a minimum 350 PA:

Worst Reds OBP of all time

OBP PA Year Player
0.222 378 1883 Pop Corkhill
0.238 367 2008 Corey Patterson
0.242 460 1906 Tommy Corcoran
0.246 354 1971 Dave Concepcion
0.249 482 1917 Dave Shean
0.250 365 1915 Ivey Wingo
0.251 501 1973 Bobby Tolan
0.251 434 1951 Virgil Stallcup
0.252 450 1932 Wally Gilbert
0.253 566 1948 Virgil Stallcup

The worst Reds batting averages of all-time

AVG PA Year Cnt Player
0.193 382 1984 Nick Esasky
0.196 512 1888 Frank Fennelly
0.201 551 1891 Germany Smith
0.202 367 2008 Corey Patterson
0.205 354 1971 Dave Concepcion
0.206 501 1973 Bobby Tolan
0.207 460 1906 Tommy Corcoran
0.209 421 1972 Dave Concepcion
0.209 594 1944 Eddie Miller
0.210 358 1973 Cesar Geronimo

The worst Reds OPS+ of all-time (*Timmons note from Wikipedia: For teams and average performers, OPS+ is a fair approximation of runs per out relative to the league average. Its cousin OPS and the expected form for a "OPS+" statistic, OPS/LgOPS, do not result in an estimated unit. From a historical perspective, LgSLG is usually around 1.2 times LgOBP, and so OPS+ essentially is based on 1.2*OBP + SLG. It is therefore more accurate in estimating runs scored than simple OPS, as the best-fit weight for OBP, based on comparison with Linear Weights results is around 1.8)

OPS+ PA Year Cnt Player
43 450 1932 Wally Gilbert
43 471 1930 Hod Ford
44 354 1971 Dave Concepcion
44 605 1970 Tommy Helms
47 367 2008 Corey Patterson
47 477 1953 Rocky Bridges
49 437 1997 Pokey Reese
50 551 1891 Germany Smith
51 385 1930 Leo Durocher
51 460 1906 Tommy Corcoran

And the worst OPS+ for OF in the history of baseball.

OPS+ PA Year nt Player
17 427 1886 Jim Lillie
35 371 1989 John Shelby
43 363 1985 Marvell Wynne
45 416 2001 Peter Bergeron
47 367 2008 Corey Patterson
49 472 1886 John Cahill
51 428 1954 Bob Talbot
52 461 1977 Rowland Office
52 582 1890 Bob Gilks
53 389 1893 Jimmy McAleer
54 481 2005 Corey Patterson


Nathan M. Sheets said...

and did you hear that thing from John Fay about the Reds resigning him next Year?! I don't know what I"ll do.

Tim Timmons said...

if patterson leaves who's going to drive dusty home from the club when he's had too many squash strawberry alley cats?

dusty: 'it's really quite simple, you simply take twelve large strawberries chopped, three ounces of dark rum and a splash of creme de menthe, then shake gently and pour.'

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