Thursday, September 25, 2008

Cueto Not Too Goodo, Astros 8-6

Before showing some late spirit versus the Astros bullpen, the Reds didn't play all that well. Cueto gave up a bushel of runs before taking an early exit from the 2008 season. The Reds Rocket is still pleased with his rookie season performance. All the flair on the mound, tilting his hat upwards when he is unhappy with things. Nice job Johnny. Now maybe you and Volquez can catch the same plane and talk in Spanish about the the flight attendant's large rack.

Hairston made the game interesting with a three-run bomb in the 9th. And Patterson continues his march towards .205 with a 1st inning shot off nemisis Oswalt. This additional playing time has really paid off. However, the Reds left town with a series defeat. Something which this new team has become unaccustomed. Team lands takes on the Cardinals tomorrow in the final series of the season. They just finished beating up the Diamondbacks but that does not prevent my prediction of a nice, clean sweep to close things out.

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