Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Meet the Winner of the Feed Your Child To Aaron Harang Competition, Reds 3-0

I guess it depends on how badly you want to see the Reds win. If the answer is very much, donate your kid to the Reds and Harang's trainers will feed it to the giant monster for nourishment. There are some very proud parents this evening as Harango tossed a complete game shutout for win numero cinco. The author's limited vocabulary makes description of the recent starting pitching simply, er, unpossible. Reds starters good. Harang large and in charge.

Harang's dominance tonight was only rivaled by the quality of the offensive lineup Dusty ran onto the field tonight. No Eddie meant Andy Phillips playing third base and hitting in the clean-up slot. And he really made a monkey out of me, getting the Reds on the board first with his second bomb of the year. Bruce followed him up with a solo shot of his own. Then Janish capped things with his first big league shot. Paul's big bat has been in hibernation since his first week with the club. After that he determined that he was okay with being overmatched and has been a pretty efficient out-making machine. I would like to introduce the term "outomaton." Feel free to use it frequently in conversation. Your friends will be intrigued by your creativity. But that's all in the past, Janish rakes.

The win tonight increased the Cardinals streak of many losses, to seven, which is a very nice number to wind down the season. St. Louis fans can still call into national radio shows and talk about what great managerial work LaRussa has done with the team that he has. The Reds Rocket will concede that Tony's alright but no Dusty Baker. That's a manager you can set your watch to. Reds sweep tomorrow and you'll love it. Reds! Reds! Reds!

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