Monday, September 15, 2008

Reds Celebrate Despite, Wait, Because of Corey Patterson. Reds 2-1

Reds fans were treated to two consecutive extra-innings victories on Saturday and Sunday. Saturday ended when everyone's new favorite player Micah Owings doubled in Dickerson in his first at bat, first appearance on the field, as a Red. It was pretty sweet, however, I do not look forward to the letters to the editor, 'Why don't we just use Owings on offense, like Rick Ankiel? He hit well in college and it would be a very easy transition.' That, of course, is stupid. The author is considering getting an Owings jersey. On my current budget, with the big RazorGator money backing me, it may become a reality.

Today, the Reds only bothered to pick up three hits. A Votto single and then two bombs, one by Bruce and the other in the 10th by Patterson. He smoked it, right off the foul pole. I still took the time to inform the Diamondback supporters that Patterson really is the worst bat in the National League. Maybe in the majors. I think that made the loss sting a little bit more. That made David Weathered a winner and Coco the saver for the second night in a row. We all went home happy, thinking of how we will, many years from now, recall seeing the major league debuts of both Roenicke and Pettyjohn.

For those of you interested and who have not been, the following is a brief description of Chase Field to broaden your baseball horizons. I have now been to 6 games, so I am an expert:

-The park is nice, the roof is always closed except for very early and late season games.
-They have venders, most with ponytails (pony-tail!), selling, among other items, snake rattles, which are fit-inducing. So, the ideal gift for children. I think the objective was to see how much of the game can be spent using the rattle like a maraca. The children next to me Saturday fared well, maintaining a consistent rattle for 8 and a third of the 10 innings.
-All the photos of the Diamondbacks on the JumboTron have the players looking very thoughtful, pensive even, and either looking off into the distance or slightly to the left and up at the sky. Like they were saying, hey what's going on in the sky is very interesting. I bet you wish you could see it. 'Hey, there's Mitch Hedberg' Chris Young says.
-The crowd at game time is at least a quarter opposition and by the 5th inning one half. It did not take John Rauch long to be unanimously despised. Arizonans do not relate to his neck tattoo.
-Mark Reynolds is one of the worst players in baseball and do not accept a response stating otherwise.
-In Arizona, Dusty does not respond to fans yelling 'Hey dumb fuck, get Volquez out of the game. He's thrown 118 pitches.' He just ignores you, not like in Cincinnati.
-And finally, Corey Patterson is awesome at all ballparks.

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