Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Love Means Being There On the Side Of the Road With a Pile of Garbage, Astros 5-0

The Reds stayed true to their word to only win 2 out of every 3 games for the remainder of the season. It's just too bad that it had to fall on Ramirez's turn because he's been pretty reliable. But Dusty's got his reasons and they will be followed or there will be consequences. 'I swear to you guys I will put Patterson out on the mound. I really will. Just try me. He'll be out there tomorrow sucking on the mound just like he does at every other facet of the game.'

Speaking of old pal Corey, there was an article on the official site where Dusty took some time to debunk the rumor that Patterson is engaged to be married to his daughter. Skip was pretty fired up about the whole thing, implying that, possibly, Patterson may not be good enough for his daughter. Which is crazy, we all know Corey is the cat's meow. Dusty, however, forgot to address the even more insidious rumor; that he sits down when he pees. That is something, which if false, needs to be cleared up.

The offense put the ball in play, knocked out 10 hits but couldn't push any of those runners across the pentagonal base. Bruce resumed his role as leadoff hitter. It is as if the team is in search of the lowest OBP and that player will be the one who receives the most at bats. The five hole is probably a better fit at this stage of his career but what do I know. Very little is the answer. Reds get the series tomorrow.

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