Thursday, September 4, 2008

Eh, Nice Hit Eh, Eh....Reds 8-6 Weiners

Propelled by the injury of teammate Josh Fogg, the Reds fought one out today against maybe the worst big league lineup I've ever seen. Mientkiewicz hitting third had to be a joke and a good one at that. And it almost worked, Pirates, but you it didn't win and now you leave Cincinnati as partial losers. Get out of town.

Fogg pulled up lame running the bases and had to exit. That is a killer. Word is that the man with the golden arm has a yank in his crank region. Now who's the team going to turn to when they need 4 innings and a 6 run deficit?

There were many points of interest regarding the offense today. You may have noticed an important name cog missing in the eighth spot in the batting order, that's right Dusty gave Corey Patterson the day off. Starting in his place, for the first time in his career, was Wilkin Castillo. He scored the go-ahead and got his hand stomped by Craig Hanson. Nice first start Willie. Votto had a fine game, knocking in a couple. He must be wearing denim under that uniform, because he's been hot. Red hot. And Canadians wear a lot of denim, that's why I mention that and not another fabric. Bruce hit a rocket into the empty stands but it's the Pirates' staff that deserves the real credit. Apparently they're not willing to concede the offense is the worst part of the club. Keep up the good work gang. Garbage-eating bears limp into town tomorrow. Give them a shitty-looking haircut while they're in a weakened state and can't fight back. Reds! Reds! Reds!

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