Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Reds Agree With Astros' Proposal To Only Face Wandy For Remainder of the Season, Reds 2-1

The Reds Traveling Salvation Show continued its tour in Houston this evening. Keppinger knocked out three hits and Volquez picked up his 17th win with a nice 7 and a third. Dusty was correct in his decision to jank Edinson in the 8th and bring in Bill Bray to face the very dangerous Michael Bourne. If you allow him, he will beat you by himself. And Weathers plan to walk Tejada to face Berkman? Genius. These guys are finally using more than their hair to make decision out in the field.

The Reds also got their first taste of instant replay tonight. And, if you weren't in favor of its use beforehand, I am certain you are now. Votto's shot in the 7th hit the top of the wall, bounced into the stands and was ruled a single. Dusty meandered out, pointed to the wall, raised his hands to illustrate his uncertainty with the correctness of the call, then stood around with his hands on his hips. The umps were so impressed that they gathered together and decided to go try out the new software. After enjoying 2 hot dogs, a stadium-sized soda and a refreshing sit in the sauna, Gary Darling came back out and said that after looking things over, it didn't look like a home run to him. Those seats that the ball hit, are part of the field of play. Like the warning track. So, everyone just cool out and let's get back to the game. So, that screwed Votto for the second time tonight, the official scorer gave Wigginton a three-base error in the 1st, even though he didn't get a glove on the ball. Sure he looked, not only physically, but mentally retarded on the play but that is not the typical call given the particular scenario. Tough break Joey Jo-Jo, but Soto probably has the NL ROY locked up already.

Coco looked to wrap things up when Wiggington lined out to Janish, who flipped to second base to double off Reggie Abercrombie. But the the umpire manning second was just about to get the number from a nice-looking Texan who is in the process of going through a divorce. She's lights out, premium gas. He ruled Keppinger was off the bag, then his pals, without using the computer, corrected him because they were already late for their reservation at Chili's. Everyone went home happy. The Reds just want to keep winning so they can avoid the pitfalls of high draft picks next June. The deadline signing of Yonder was a pain in everyone's collective ass. Reds win again tomorrow, do it. Reds! Reds! Reds!

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