Monday, September 8, 2008

The Reds Can Do Without Innings One Through Eight, Reds 5-4

For the second consecutive night the Reds took things easy against a mediocre starting pitcher only to let loose against an otherwise reliable closer. I know it was Solomon Torres, who's like 65, but he's been the anti-Gagne for most of 2008. He loaded the bases for Keppinger who brought home the tying and winning run with a double off the left field wall. Being the equal opportunity Corky Patterson blog that we are, he kept things going with a knock off the pitcher prior to Kep's at bat but that shouldn't surprise anyone.

So, it looks like Dusty's got things rolling. It's too bad that he Dusty Baker'd the Reds for the first five months of the season. Now that the post season is out of the question, he can relax, wear a do-rag under his hat and really get to managing the shit out of this thing.

Volquez worked hard for 5 and a third, striking out 10, mixing in a couple of home runs. One by Jason Kendall who rakes, so he can't feel too bad about that. Then the bullpen kept the Brewers from extending things for the remainder of the game. Coco Cordero opted to keep runners off the basepaths. Bor-ing. Where were the walks and infield hits to which we've grown accustomed? Next time. The author has decided that the feeling after wins is preferable to losses, so let's keep it up. Reds! Reds! Reds!

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