Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Arroyo Rocks, But Just a Little, Cardinals 5-2

Arroyo kept with the pattern of mixing in a sub-standard start after two good ones and last night the offense wasn't able to bail him out. Though they still think he's a really cool guy and would consider joining his band, if they can play lead guitar. Unless you're Keith Richards, no one knows or cares about the rhythm guitarist.

The loudmouth Cardinals scored 5 over Arroyo's 5+. Carlos Fisher, whom I think I have neglected to mention before this point, pitched less effectively than he had been, throwing a couple of pitches past Hanigan, handing the Cardinals their fifth run of the night.

The big news of the day was Volquez hitting the DL with a touch of the shoulder tendonitis. Apparently, that's what was making his fingers numb, not a stroke. A stroke is a brain attack. Team doctors estimated that he would be ready to go in 7-145 days. They just don't have much experience with these types of things. But, if I had to guess, which I'm going to do even though I probably don't actually have to, we'll see him in a couple of weeks. No baseball-related activity for 10 days Edinson. I'm serious about that. Reds beat the player for whom they acquired new hope Baloney today.

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Waiting for a Callup said...

Maloney or Bailey?? Why doesn’t Walt Jocketty call us to decide? Check out my site to look at their last performance. Both pitchers killed it in their last outing, posting shutouts against solid teams.