Friday, June 19, 2009

Reds Ambushed By Proud Native People, Braves 7-0

Reds saved all of their suck for yesterday's game, underperforming both on the mound and at the plate. That allowed the savages to sneak back into the tall grass with a lone victory from the series. But still a series win and the Reds Rocket remains optimistic.

Baloney wasn't all that great and Fisher certainly didn't help him out by allowing the guys he left behind to cross the plate. Get the pitcher out is the general rule for relievers. And I certainly don't want to imply that Baloney isn't great, because he is, really great but that may have been his last start in Cincinnati for a while. Tough break for the big old salad tosser.

In addition to the traitorous bullpen, the offense didn't help Baloney out either. Five hits all day again a guy who'd been pretty good in the minors but awful in his first two starts and some guy from Australia? That is not the powerful Reds offense I've been so used to for these past two weeks. Evidently, Votto's brain is slowly on the mend, as he headed to Floriday to start with his rehab. Though, I'm unsure how you mend a broken brain. His return should help quite a bit. And, apparently, Eddie Encarnacion is taking some batting practice and is on the right path back to return. I can't remember if everyone still hates him during Rosales' extended struggles. Probably, that guy's a real asshole.

Marty had the day off yesterday, so Thombo filled in on the radio and lost interest in calling the game about the 4th inning. He sure does have a lot of opinions. Especially about flying on private jets. For those of you who have moved into the current century and do not listen to the games on this thing called "the radio", Thom Brennaman is employed by a company which provides private airline flights to 'average people.' It is both cost efficient and allows you to spend more time with your horrible wife. So, think about that next time you're driving to Dayton, you could be flying with Thom Brennaman.

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