Friday, June 26, 2009

Reds Play Good, Then Bad, Then Good Again, Reds 7-5

Votto appears to be fully recovered from the mental health month he took. He was out there raking last night in front of his home town fans. Pretty impressive line, 4 for 5 with a bomb and three driven in. When the boxscore shows two guys in the middle of the order with averages over .350, the reds offense looks a little less poor. I am certain that Gomes is, in fact, a .350 hitter and will be there for the rest of the year.

The entire offense looked pretty good last night, with the exception of Phillips. But he's generally pretty reliable, so he can take a night off when the rest of those jokers decide to pick up some hits. And let me tell you bout Willy Taveras, three hits? That guy can flat out concentrate at the plate. I think it's all the private tutoring with Dusty. 'Willy, put on your swimming suit and get in the hot tub.' That squeeze bunt was pretty sweet.

Cueto, as Cowboy discussed for about three innings, seems to lose focus when the Reds present him with too big of lead. He was dominant for 5 of the 6 innings he pitched last night but walked two guys and gave up three hits in the 5th to allow the Jays to slime back into it. But Votto's bomb picked him up and Cueto was given his seventh win of the season. The Reds need to remember not to give him more than a two run cushion, then he will pitch effectively. Any more than that and he's giving up bombs to Scott Podsednik.

Reds start things up with the Redmen today, so, expect a sweep. I know I am. I already have a picture of a broom tricking some Native Americans out of their land. They don't understand the concept of land ownership but that broom sure does. Reds! Reds! Reds!

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