Thursday, June 25, 2009

Reds Play Quite Well - Not, Blue Jays 8-2

Arroyo returned to his favorite venue last night and got lit up again by the Blue Jays. It was 5-0 before he recorded an out. He did manage to go 3 and 2/3rds, which is an improvement over last year. So, maybe next time he's in Toronto he'll go 5 and only give up 6 runs. At least, as pointed out by a comment to the last post, he spreads a lot of seed and appears, at least by big league pitcher standards, to be relatively fit. He's really got a lot going for him. Now if he could just quit tipping his curveball to the Blue Jays, he'd really have it all.

The offense was, what's the word, awful, again. Four hits off Scott/Larry/Pepe Richmond is simply unacceptable. Not that they're necessarily going to come back from the deep hole they found themselves in, but how about sprinkling in a couple of hits here and there. The foregoing, of course, does not apply to mainman Jonny Gomes. We here at the Reds Rocket have learned to overlook the lack of 'h' in your name, in fact this is the last time we'll draw attention to it. Two more hits last night and he's looking like a borderline viable power option in the outfield. Danny Richar also got a chance to play and picked up a hit. Looks like Dusty's decided, in likely a very unpopular decision, that Tavares should not be out there every day. Dickerson has gotten two consecutive starts and looks suspiciously like he may have figured some things out after his rough patch in the beginning of the season. But, I'm sure Dusty has everything under control. No reason for me to put any more thought into it.

Reds wrap things up in Toronto today. Someone ask Joey Votto about his family, see what he says. Play better today Reds.

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