Monday, June 8, 2009

Reds Take a Long Time to Lose Series to Cubs, Cubs 6-3

The Reds Rocket had a very important/boring meeting to attend on Friday regarding the future of the cracker factory, so was unable to fulfill its obligation to draft two paragraphs of spelling errors and incorrect punctuation. My sincere apologies that no one got to read about the Reds getting dominated by Carpenter and how much of a bozo he is. Next time around we'll talk about the series of arm surgeries he is undergoing.

Over the past couple of years, the Reds Rocket would not have been particularly disappointed with a series loss to a team who, at least at the beginning of the season, was predicted to be quite good. But, with all this winning, I've developed a taste for it and those close losses are particularly painful. On Friday, Reds only managed a single run against the crazy-ass Zambrano-lead Cubs. They had the tying run on third with less than two out, but didn't bother to send him the rest of the way. On Saturday, Baloney made his debut and was pretty good. Two absolute shots, but with no one on base, accounting for the two runs allowed. The Reds Rocket encourages him to continue turning towards the centerfield camera, after giving up bombs, and slowly mouthing, "Fuuuuucck." But, he missed out on that first major league win when Weathers melted down sending it to extras.

Yesterday, Arroyo gave up some early unearned runs when he tried to fire a double play ball into center but simmered, settled down and cooled out, and actually posted a pretty nice line of 7 with just the one earned. Of course the two earned runs were due to his error but they don't effect the ERA. That guy is always thinking. And the Reds showed a little fight, tying things up before Lincoln went all reliably bad on them in the late innings after everyone had gone home and fell asleep.

A trip to the nation's capital is on the itinerary for tomorrow. That will give the team a chance to catch up with old pals Donkey and Kearns. Actually, no one probably knows Kearns any more. The last guy on the team that was there when he was was the Donkey. But, at least the Nationals are terrible, expect a sweep and the Reds machine is back up and running.

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Untapp'dPotential said...

Adam Dunn looks like Will Ferrell on steroids. Hopefully Encarnacion will be coming to see me in Louisville here soon. I know he's not a hall of famer, but he can give us another bat, which I think we need right now. Ch-ch-check it out.