Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Reds Treat Nationals Like Worst Team in Baseball, Reds 3-2

Last year when the Reds made the trip to Washington, they were able to see the local attractions and eat at the city's many fine restaurants, but then they played less well than expected and were swept by the Nats. This year, Dusty told them no sights and no food other than sunflower seeds and gatorade and it appears to be working.

The offense continues to impress, putting up a solid three runs against a staff which is far and away the worst in baseball. Fortunately, Phillips bothered to knock in a couple with an rbi double which provided the margin. But Cueto didn't need it. He picked up his sixth win of the year with 7 very solid innings, the only blemish was the result of a long first inning. Artie considered letting the win slip away by giving up a bomb to Christian Guzman but Dusty was quick to kick his ass out of the game, allowing Weathers to come in and strike out Dukes, who went crazy and killed a concessionaire. Coco finished things off and the Reds went back to the hotel with at least one win in their series with a terrible team.

The game also served as a reunion for the remaining members of the 2008 team and Big Donk. They were able to ask him what it's like playing for a bad team, which is so far opposite of what he was doing in Cincinnati. He explained that it is very similar to his time in Arizona but certainly not Cincinnati. He was treated with so much respect during his time with the Reds, he will never forget it. He also promised not to get any hits for the series. He's a real stand-up guy.

Reds continue with the domination today. Reds! Reds! Reds!

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