Monday, June 1, 2009

Reds Given the Old Triple Belvedere, Brewers 5-2

This season, as I'm sure the knowledgeable readers of this site are aware, the Reds have swept two three-game series, the Snakes in Arizona and last week, the Astros at home. Both are then immediately succeeded by a three-game sweep at the hands of the opponents. At least this time it wasn't the Padres.

The Brewers, over the weekend, did a pretty convincing immitation of a team that's better than the Reds. Everyone knows that's not the case, even Uecker and probably Wesley, though he'd be less likely to admit it. Cueto gave up three hits on Friday and took the loss. Harang, for the second time in 4 starts, handed back a lead and took the loss Saturday. Yesterday, Owings forgot the importance of healthy breakfast and came out soft. He got things back under control, but the offense wasn't great. In fact, the 'o' as the author has overheard some very clever and interesting people say, was not very good all weekend. Phillips made a reappearance and hit a couple of bombs, which is nice to see, but it looks like the team misses their Canadian pal who's decided that he needs a couple weeks on the DL to cool out. The team has been very cryptic about the reasons, which is fine. The Reds Rocket is in favor of privacy rights, especially the identity of blog authors who may frequently engage in copyright 'infringement.' I put infringement in quotes because it's more like friends lending one another their weed whacker. Any time, Getty Images, just stop on by mi casa, as they say. The well-educated group who likes to comment on the Reds official site seems to be under the impression that it is panic attacks. But they also think that every time there is a runner on base there needs to be a bunt and that facial expressions crafted from punctuation are an accepted form of written public communication. I don't know what makes me feel worse, admitting that I occasionally read the comments, or publicly diseminating the rumors and conjecture I read. Either way, I am now 100 percent certain that Joey Votto is on the DL with panic attacks. Like REDSFAN4EVA said.

Reds continue the traveling salvation show today in St. Louis. The Cardinals, despite having a Piniero in the rotation, continue to, inexplicable, win. When they're not playing the Reds, that is. LaRussa is going to bat himself leadoff and Dave Duncan 9th. He's a genuis. Play better this week Reds. Volquez returns with a bionically upgraded back and hair style.


Captain Ron said...

Reds are totally going to dominate Todd Wellemeyer. He is a complete fukwit

The Last Unitard said...

Voltron is no longer missing his back lion. 17 K's tonight.