Friday, June 12, 2009

Reds Bullpen Has a Heart, Lets Nats Have One, Washington 3-2

I listened to the Reds game yesterday and as Owings allowed the first runner of each inning to reach base Marty sounded like he wanted to go out on the field and choke him out "and here we go again." But very few of those runs scored, in fact only one and that was after Micah had already retired to the clubhouse with some men on base. Burton made sure that at least one scored, though, Hairston realistically had a play at the plate had he chosen that option. I already miss Burton's fancy beard but he is convinced that was the reason behind his one-day demotion.

Just as I finally put a photo of Masset up he contributes to a loss, or was at least on the hill when the Reds decided that they didn't want to win. He induced a 3-1 groundball from Zimmerman but the Reds couldn't roll it over and Rosales was thinking about the baby rabbits that were gathered outside his hotel room and let the ball get by him. They were just adorable. Tough break team but at least the Royals are next and the non-sweep of the Nats ensures that the Reds will win at least one of the games. Likely all three.

There will be no discussion of the offense until they agree to perform less poorly. We don't want to encourage this type of behavior by drawing additional attention to it. Bozos.

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