Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Reds Lose to Pederast, Jays 7-4

Good news, however, is Joey Votto has returned to the lineup. But the continued bad news is the Reds' offense, aside from the 7th didn't look any better than they did in Joey's absence. You choose: inept or impotent. I'll go with impotent because it conotes that the Reds offense cannot get an erection, which is too bad because that is an important part of a happy existence. Regardless, Votto had one hit, weakly the other way but it was his first game back. Bruce doubled in two in the 7th with a shot off a lefty. Actually looked like he knew what he was doing. Everyone's friend Hal McCoy said that of everyone, Bruce missed Votto the most because they're batting practice partners and Votto's absence directly corresponded with Bruce's major slump. Hopefully that's not the case, the Reds already have enough sensitive players.

Owings was not very good last night. Without his bat in the lineup there isn't much of which to look forward every fifth day. He heads out there, throws a ton of pitches and if the ball isn't diving he gets hits hard. Yesterday he gave up a home run to Marco Scutero, which hurts. And Rod Barajas. Maybe the old Dusty Bottoms should consider a three-man rotation until Volquez is back, which actually, may be pretty soon. Talk it over with Dick Pole, he is very insightful.

Arroyo takes the hill today. Last year, as you likely recall, he pitched a very fine ballgame. Just to 10 earned in 1 plus innings. Not bad at all. The Reds official site already had an article about it. Arroyo says he hopes to give up 20 in one-third of an inning today. I think he can do it.

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Yeah Arroyo plants his seed in mad hoes